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Monday, February 26, 2018

Youngest citizens cry out for attention - Telegrapg India

Suicide bid over exam
Vijay Deo Jha Feb 25, 2018 00:00 IST

ANGUISH: The suicide note of the Ranchi teen (her face pixelated for privacy) who was saved on Friday. Telegraph picture

Ranchi: A teenage girl, trying to jump before speeding trucks on ring road in Sithio here late on Friday night, was saved by alert patrolling party of a private road construction company.
Daughter of a bureaucrat, the Plus Two student's suicide note in Hindi mentioned high academic expectations of her father as the main reason for her wanting to kill herself. Her father wanted her to crack IIT entrance and score highly in boards even as she was forgetting her lessons due to tension, the note categorically says.

The girl, who lives in Hinoo, was spotted by the site patrolling party of one Elsamex Maintenance Service, hired by Jharkhand Accelerated Road Development Company Limited, which looks after maintenance of ring road.

Associate manager of Elsamex Maintenance Service, Satyaranjan Rao told this paper that around 10.30pm, their staffers informed him that they had caught a girl with a suicide note in her hand.

"My staff was patrolling in the locality to ensure the safety of our construction materials and equipment. They saw a girl abruptly running on the middle of the road recklessly despite speeding trucks. She could have been mowed down by any truck. A truck almost hit her but the driver swerved aside. But the girl remained standing on the road waiting to be killed. That's when my patrol members dragged her to the side of the road," Rao said.

Reportedly, then the girl broke down and cried out that she did not want to live anymore.

Seeing the suicide note, the patrol party immediately informed Tupudana police, under whose jurisdiction the area falls. A PCR team took her to Doranda police station and her family was informed around midnight.

The letter clearly reveals the girl's tremendous mental pressure to clear the IIT entrance and score well in her exams. It was also clear from the letter that she shared a tense relationship with her two brothers and she said she was being misunderstood by her father.

"Papa, I am not always wrong, you always scold me. Sometimes listen to me also. Since nobody trusts me I think my life has no meaning", the letter said, but ended by saying she loved them all.

Contacted on Saturday, her father, a road construction department employee in Dhanbad, pleaded for privacy. "As a father I am shocked. I request the media to respect her privacy in her interest," he said.

Police also refused to give the girl's details. "It's a sensitive matter. The good thing is that a young life is safe. The girl is at home," Hatia DSP Vikas Kumar Pandey said.