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Thursday, August 23, 2012

153 - Recent media report related to IIT Madras

Recent media report related to IIT Madras

Dear Alumnus/ Alumna,

IIT Madras deeply regrets the untimely demise of Ms. Merugu Manasa, a first-year M.Tech. student in Chemical Engineering. Some of you may have read related accounts involving a photographer and a faculty member of the Institute. It is important to realize that in the context of this incident, our girl students have been the principal victims, and not the photographer. The Institute and officials concerned have been acting with great restraint in trying to close the issue, but are taking all necessary steps in parallel to ensure that the facts are not lost sight of. The photographer insisted on taking live photos of grieving girl students despite their objections, and despite pleas from Dean-Students, Warden-Sarayu and Student Hostel Affairs Secretary. When he was about to to leave without deleting objectionable photos, Chairman, Council of Wardens (CCW) attempted to stop him and received a few punches. At that time, CCW did retaliate in self-defence, but was quickly restrained. The photographer was then guided to the Administrative Block.

Notwithstanding the above sequence of events, CCW regrets that he, a senior Professor of the Institute, was driven to act in the above manner, in order to stand up for the dignity, privacy and security of the lady students.

We solicit your understanding and support....

Prof. R. Nagarajan
Advisor, Office of Alumni Affairs
IIT Madras