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Friday, March 4, 2016

IIT Gandhinagar Student Dheeraj Kumar Kanoje Suicide - You Tube

Published on 31 Jan 2016
This video is shared to explain the suicide of student Dheeraj Kumar Kanoje of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Gandhinagar . He got admission in batch 2012-13 (Chemical Engineering). His roll number was 12110020. According to his uncle he committed suicide on December 28, 2015 in depression due to IIT Gandhinagar for his academic performance.


Bhumika Patel: 3 days ago
IIT Gandhinagar is notorious for lack of transparency in governance. Favoritism and caste discrimination is deep rooted in this institute's administration. All power is centralized in the hands of a very few for a long time with no indication of change of regime anytime soon.
The institute administration regularly spies on the activities of the students and the staff by reading their private emails. Decisions of punishment are often made based on hearsay or information gathered from the informers. So it is no surprising that the students and the staff as well as the faculty would finally grow disillusioned and dissatisfied with this kind fascist way of running the Institute. When the professors have the luxury to switch to new jobs (infact a number of professors have already left the institute with many others following suit), the students are the most vulnerable of all who do not have the option to leave the Institute once admitted.   

The suicides of Rohit Jagenia (2013), Dheeraj Kumar Kanoje (2015) and Bhumil Acharya (2016) are only the tip of the iceberg. Each life is precious. I earnestly request the chairman of the Institute to order an investigation into these deaths and many others perhaps. The world wants to know who the people are that forced Dheeraj Kanoje to commit suicide. Why had the Institute deleted the emails of Bhumil Acharya sent by him an hour before his death? How many such unusual deaths of the students are they aware of and still hiding?

Ahswin Kumar:
Highly insensitive and cruel attitude displayed by the director to this bereaved man. If you notice carefully he behaved as if it does not matter much if students committed suicide in large numbers there. This guy on the video was treated like dirt by him and many other people at IIT Gandhnagar when he actually needed consolation and a helping hand to deal with this personal loss. Kudos and my salute to this man who showed enormous courage to stand up against this horrible injustice and brutality, quite normally shown to the disadvantaged section of the society without any fear of punishment, mainly in India.  Another example of IIT Gandhinagar "brutality" hit the headlines more recently that simply has no parallel. Link pasted at the bottom. If the activities of the IIT Gandhinagar administration to hush up the death of a student are really true, as described in the comments section, then I must say never send your kids to this bottomless hellfire named IIT Gandhinagar.   


Forgot to mention in the my last message.

Loads of appreciation and wishes for this unnamed reporter who interviewed this guy. Otherwise, the incident (and so many suicides like this that are pushed under the carpet, one recent example is Bhumil Acharya.) would never have come to the public. If there is any chance to change this deeply corrupt society, this kind of reporting may help.  So many times we try to emulate the societies of the developed world. Just think what would have happened if this had happened in US.