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Thursday, April 23, 2015

307 - Sena Wants Bombay High Court and IIT-B Replaced With Mumbai - New Indian Express

Published: 21st April 2015 04:53 PM

MUMBAI: After having renamed Bombay as Mumbai during its rule in Maharashtra between 1995-99, Shiv Sena, which is sharing power with BJP in both state and the Centre, is now vehemently pressing for its demand to rename the Bombay High Court.

The saffron party wants the name Bombay dropped and replaced it with Mumbai.

Talking to PTI, Sena MP Arvind Sawant today said he has spoken to Union Law Minister Sadananda Gowda regarding the renaming issue.

"Since the city is now known as Mumbai, we cannot continue to relate the government institutions with the old name," Sawant said, adding, "I will myself demand that all the government institutions like IIT-Bombay should also be addressed with Mumbai in it."

According to the Sena leader, Mumbai derived its name from Goddess Mumbadevi. "However, the name Bombay was coined by the British rulers as they could not pronounce Mumbai," he added.

Opposition Hits Back
The Sena's move has drawn flak from opposition Congress, as it said that the ruling party was deviating from development issues.

"They have lost all focus. Before joining the government, they portrayed themselves as the messiah of farmers and wanted the BJP to stop their suicides and provide them with adequate compensation," Leader of Opposition in Maharashtra Legislative Assembly Radhakrishna Vikhe Patil said.

"Instead of throwing in their weight over this (renaming) issue, the state needs to do something to stop farmers' suicides and pay compensation to the affected farmers. That should be their focus. Wasting time on such issues is unwarranted at this point of time," Patil said.

Although NCP legislator Jitendra Awhad welcomed Sena's demand, he said the party was seeking to change the name only to win votes in the upcoming municipal polls.

"Sena's demand is not wrong. As the city's name has been changed to Mumbai, every institution which has a name of the metropolis, should be named similarly. You cannot continue with Bombay High court and IIT-Bombay," he said.

"They are desperately trying to gather their votes in the next couple of years as Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) elections are due. The Sena should also speak for the cause of farmers with the same aggression as they are showing for changing names," Awhad said.

The Bombay High Court was inaugurated on August 14, 1862. The High Court today has three benches at Nagpur, Aurangabad and Goa. Bombay HC is one of a few institutions in Maharashtra that continue to carry the old name of the city.

306 - DPS student commits suicide - Ranchi Express

Feared to get low marks in IIT exam, a student of DPS Bokaro killed himself on Sunday afternoon. Sourav Kumar (17) a Class 12 student of DPS Bokaro hanged himself fearing over failure to get admission in IIT. The answer sheet for JEE was uploaded on the Internet on Saturday. After observing the answer sheet, Sourav became apprehensive that he could not qualify the exam, police said. Sourav was a resident of Qr No. 2 D – 3-145, his father is operator at BPSCL in Bokaro.

305 - IIT Bombay lifts night ban on Net for PhD students - Indian Express

According to the institute, the LAN ban was introduced after a student committed suicide in 2005 after being failed in a few courses owing to low attendance, allegedly due to excess use of the Internet.

Written by Mihika Basu | Mumbai | Published on:April 21, 2015 12:00 am

Years after it imposed a ban on local area network (LAN) inside hostels at night, IIT Bombay has now decided to lift the same for PhD students.

Recently, students of IIT Bombay urged the institute authorities to lift the LAN ban inside hostels between 1.30 am to 5.30 am. 

The ban, which was implemented after 2005, was inadvertently lifted for about a year recently and re-introduced last month. Doctorate students argued that the ban was not allowing them to continue their PhD-related work during the night.

“In a recent meeting of post-graduate students with the director, a PhD student raised the issue and the director announced that PhD students will not face LAN ban. A representation has also been made by students to remove the ban for all of them, which is being looked into,” said Prof U A Yajnik, dean of student affairs, IIT Bombay.

According to the institute, the LAN ban was introduced after a student committed suicide in 2005 after being failed in a few courses owing to low attendance, allegedly due to excess use of the Internet.

“Some of us use the Internet to study at night. Also, there is no ban on use of personal Internet connection. We really hope the authorities give us LAN access at hostels in the night,” said a BTech student.