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Monday, June 29, 2015

18 years old IIT-JEE student committed suicide in Kota

18 years old IIT-JEE student committed suicide in Kota

Jun 28, 2015

18-years-old student committed suicide in Kota

As per fresh reports, Rohit Singh, an IIT-JEE candidate, has committed suicide.

The report said that the 18-years-old strung himself up from the ceiling fan in his bedroom.

SHO Boorkheda police station, Mr. Ranvijay Singh stated that the dead body of the pupil got recovered from his residence on Baran road on June 27 evening.

The police officials are probing if the pupil had taken the severe step because of pressure of studies or any other cause, Mr. Ranvijay Singh said. The pupil, who belongs to Gopalganj region of Bihar, was residing in the city of Kota with his mother-father and two sibs, and making preparations for IIT entrance examination, the SHO added.

A suicide letter, in which Rohit held himself accountable for the severe step, was also found during the investigation of his room, ASI at Boorkheda police headquarters Ghanshyam Lal stated.

The pupil had shut himself in his bedroom on June 27 morning, but did not open the door till 7.00 pm.

Rohit’s mom and the fellow citizens notified the police accompanying which Rohit’s body was discovered hanging from the ceiling fan, Ghanshyam Lal said, adding, the boy’s father is not in the city.

The dead body has been placed in the morgue of Maharao Bhim Singh hospital and postmortem examination would be carried out today after his father comes back.