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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

IIT Roorkee: Expelled Student Attempts Suicide, Admitted To Hospital - Focus News

By Focus News Bureau - Jul 19, 2015 431 

An expelled student from IIT-Rookee who attempted suicide has been admitted to hospital.

According to doctors, Abhisek Mandal, who is a West Bengal resident attempted suicide by starving, however, his condition is stable now.

The incident happened took place after three days of  IIT-Roorkee’s decision to allow expelled students for re-examination following Uttarakhand High Court’s order.

Earlier on July 8, the senate took its decision and expelled students who scored lower than five cumulative grade point average (CGPA).

“Seventy three students who scored lower than five cumulative grade point average (CGPA) in the second semester were expelled from the institute as per a decision of the senate consisting of over 100 professors,” IIT Roorkee director Pradipta Bannerjee said.

A rule mandating expulsion of students who scored less than five CGPA for two consecutive semesters was framed last year by the institute to ensure quality education on the campus.
When 73 students were found scoring less than five CGPA in their second semester exam, they were issued expulsion notices by the institute.

In response to the notices, the students and their parents approached the IIT authorities seeking reconsideration of the decision. However, the senate, after a marathon discussion on the issue which went late into the night on Wednesday, decided to expel them, Bannerjee said.