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Monday, March 21, 2016

Want to commit suicide? This portal will prevent you from taking extreme step! = One India

By: Preeti Panwar 
Updated: Thursday, March 17, 2016, 18:00 [IST] 
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Bengaluru, March 17: At a time when daily newspapers and news channels show news reports, showing people committing suicides, for even petty reason, an IIT alumnus, Richa Singh, has come up with a novel idea. In an attempt to stop people from ending their lives, Richa has founded a crowd-funded online portal,, where psychologists and coaches offer advice to those who are undergoing depression or stress in their lives. 
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             Richa Singh, Founder of YourDOST 

According to news reports, when Richa was a student in IIT guwahati, her friend had committed suicide, as she was under pressure to get a job placement. 

"We want to become a one stop solution for people's mental and emotional wellness be it personal, professional or academic", Richa was quoted saying as to Buzzfeed. 

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About YourDOST 

YourDOST describes itself as, "YourDOST is your personal emotional fitness trainer - a trusted online friend you can talk to and a qualified expert who knows how to help you! The professionally trained counsellors help you cope with tough times - work stress, relationship, self-image and many more, and support you in your quest for self improvement." 

The portal also gives an option of chatting online with experts and book appointments. It provides an online counselling and emotional support platform designed to foster mental health by offering de-stressing tips and techniques, motivational quotes, etc. 

A panel of experts provide personalised guidance by helping them in develop healthy personal relationships, productive and satisfying work-life balance, more focused approach towards achieving goals and more confident self. 

They also claim to provide 24*7 support to guide people and the users have the variety of choice to choose among over 20 psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, life coaches and career guides. 

The information is kept completely confidential and users also do need to reveal their identitiy and they can present themselves as anonymous. 

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