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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Shut Down IIT Coaching Centres, Aspirant Who Killed Herself In Kota Last Week Wrote In Her Suicide Note - India Times

May 11, 2016

The suicide note of a 17-year old girl from Ghaziabad who committed suicide last week in Rajasthan's Kota has thrown light into the trauma a lot of students there go through.


The five-page letter recovered by police details how Kriti Tripathi, and many of her classmates went through depression and stress while undergoing coaching.

In fact, in her letter she pleads that the ministry of human resources development (HRD) should shut down coaching institutes since they subjected the students to unbearable stress and depression.

"She said that coaching institutes should be shut down. She implied that these coaching institutes cause unbearable stress among students," SHO, Jawahar Nagar police station Harshit Bharati said.
In the suicide note, Kriti said she helped several of her friends to come out of depression, she couldn't do the same for herself. "Most people who would hear of my suicide would not believe it, but they don't know what has been going on in my mind," Kriti said in her suicide note.

Kriti, who committed suicide by jumping from the fifth floor of her residential building on April 28 had in fact cleared the JEE and was eligible for engineering admission. Police said, the girl took the extreme step as she did not want to become an engineering. She wanted to become an astrophysicist. She stated that she also liked literature and history.
She had received an award from NASA and wanted to join the space agency as a scientist. Kriti was the latest name in an alarming fast growing list of young students in Kota ending their lives as they find it unable to cope up with the pressure of competitive coaching and the additional weight of the expectations from their families. 
With the number of students deaths going up, the authorities had to step in last year, organising de-stressing camps and awareness classes students and their parents. 
With inputs from TOI