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Saturday, July 29, 2017

IITs take initiative to reduce suicide among students - DNA

DNA CORRESPONDENT | Fri, 28 Jul 2017-07:35am , New Delhi , DNA

Twelve students have committed suicide and some attempted at suicide across various Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) in the country in last three years.

5 such cases were reported in 2015, 4 cases in 2014, and 3 in 2016. This information was revealed by minister of state, human resource development, Mahendra Nath Pandey, in response to a written question in Parliament on Thursday.
According to the ministry, the reasons vary from academic stress to domestic and personal reasons. The institutions themselves, however realise that the problem is serious. Hence, the institutions have started taking various initiatives to make the students feel comfortable, specially freshers and those who have a problem with the medium of learning.

"IITs have been taking various steps such as peer assisted learning, special languages classes for students who need help with studies, in order to ease the academic stress. In addition to this, IITs also conduct workshops/ seminars on wellness, regular sessions on Yoga, induction programmes, extracurricular activities, including sports and cultural activities, to create a friendly environment for students," the minister added.

IIT Delhi, which is one of the oldest IITs in the country and gets students from various parts of the country, is going to pay special attention to its first year students from this year. From their orientation session to extra-curricular activities, the institute is taking some new initiatives.

"We have appointed senior students as guides for first year students. These students will go around at hostels in the night after 8 p.m. to help students with studies. Since the class size in IITs is big, its is difficult to give special attention to students, such efforts will help. This will also keep the stress off students," a professor at IIT Delhi said.

IIT Ropar, which is one of the new age IITs is also going to organise a two-week induction programme for freshers to introduce them to the institute, departments, facilities and life on campus. Other than these, one of the most important reasons for this special extended induction programme is to get the students engaged in extra-curricular activities like sports, yoga and to enhance their social & team skills.