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Friday, October 21, 2011

120 - IIT student commits suicide

vks (patna)
05 Sep, 2011 02:49 AM
The title IIT student commits suicide attracts me due to my own story I am remembering my first semester last month , I tried 3-4 times for suicide but I was lucky my attempts were not successful. Then one morning I decided to leave the IIT and ran off from campus without any information. After a big drama I returned back to my house and said to my parents I am not going back. my parents supported me they were thinking that at least their son was with them. And next year again I filled the form and take admission in other IIT . I just want to explain the situation that drifts the student towards suicide. Neither parents nor the IIT system is responsible for these type of suicide. Actually its the psychology of student, when they are in school they are in toppers list, but in IIT all student are toppers of their school so here maintaining a level is tougher than earlier. And in this race some students make a circle around them and not opened up , that lead to slow depression and after few month the student become suicidal. As I said it takes 2-3 months to 2-3 yrs time so it can be easily detected and treated by parents, friends and by faculty. NO any doctor is needed for these type of cases. Family, friend and faculty support is enough. So my request is don’t ignore anything happening with your friend or any person around you.
Anjali (Jamaica )
02 Sep, 2011 10:17 PM
Very very sad indeed!!! I totally blame the parents here for unnecessary pressurizing their child into taking such a drastic step. I think all the parents should learn the lesson from this incident and keep in mind this could happen to their own kin as well.....
Ravi Shankar (Patna, India)
02 Sep, 2011 07:34 PM
Now it's proved that this society is not going to let the students live normally. Even IITians commit suicide;SO,dear society,what do do you want us to be GOD or something.Enough is enough.Saari Umr ham mar mar ke ji lia,kuch pal hame jine do jine do.
4thaugust1932 (Tokyo)
02 Sep, 2011 01:32 PM
Indian education system is creating skilled wage slaves instead of entrepreneurs viz employers.
vkguptan (Bangalore)
02 Sep, 2011 12:10 PM
Those who go for Medicine, Engineering and such professional courses should have aptitude for the subject. Also capacity learn. Everyone is not endowed with it. It is just luck. Intelligence is God's gift. Earlier there were only four IITs. To begin with I think there was only IIT-Kharagpur was there and later others came with foreign help- England, Russia and US. All together there were less than 1000 seats and the best went for the IITs. Others went to other engineering colleges. Now with the increase in number of IITs, students with less capability are able to get admission. They find the course tough and these kinds of depression and mental stress comes. Every parents have their dreams. Many who could not achieve much in their lives want their offspring to do better. It is human nature and cannot be helped. Everyone will put their aim high but all cannot succeed. I sympathize with the parents of the girl who committed suicide. My father dreamed that one day I will be well placed and will own a car. He made a gate to our compound in the village to bring the car inside. I could not fulfill his dream. I could never buy a car. So that is life.

Ramesh (bangalore)
02 Sep, 2011 10:08 AM
is it is a suicide? or the corruption of patna that took her away of her life..........i would like to know.
karun (Chennai)
02 Sep, 2011 09:55 AM
some parents are never satisfied with their children. If your children are in IIT it doesn't mean they are going to be the president of some country and they need to be in pressure to make the betterment of a billion people. For heaven sake parents they might just earn a few $ less then the brilliant guys. So please come out of your narrow mind set of greediness and encourage your kid to what he can really achieve.

Arvind (Pune)
02 Sep, 2011 09:54 AM
The human touch is required in all professional institutes and council ling should be improved further.Life is the most precious one and maximum possible effort should be put after that be happy with the result. Mostly parents do not know the complications hence they do mistake. Also rivalry among students should be effectively controlled. Qualities of these sort required for the entire life.
Sonia (Chennai)
02 Sep, 2011 09:48 AM
Its very unfortunate that student commit suicide for GRADES.. In life unless one learn to face the failure, one wont have value of success.I request, all the parents not to pressurize their child and all students not to go behind the grade, just focus on studies and do ur job.. Life is very important, its not for u alone but ur family too...


A Comment:--

I am a student of IIT Delhi. I can say that the institute is fully
responsible for such acts by students. The pressure is so much, and so
'undue' that it curbs creativity, curbs freedom, encourages rot
learning and then everything is decided on the grade you have.
Definitely not an ideal place to spend the previous 4/5 years of your
life. The professors exert undue pressure and sometimes seem to be
motivated by a sense of vengeance(in that they themselves clear JEE).
This coupled with the fact that professors are 'kings' in IIT's, leads
many students to a hopeless despair and depression. I won't be
surprised if more students commit suicide in near future.