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Monday, October 26, 2015

What are the reasons to commit suicide in IIT? - Quora

Ankur Singh, B.Tech.(Hons) in Civil Engineering, Class of 2015, IIT Kharagpur


The current scenario as such is at fault for the rampant suicides in IIT's. We as a hard working and laborious students toil hard for a period of 2 years and in some cases even a few years more to end up being in these prestigious institutes. Definitely nothing wrong in that as all good things to those who work hard for it. But what a student expects here is that he will have lesser worries in terms of academic load, a belief mostly populated by our teachers and closed ones which is truly not the case.
That is not the case. You are required to excel here too not only in academics but also on various other fronts. Add to it the facts that we get internet facilities like gaming,DC++ etc. it all makes our task an uphill one. So we can see what all could be the primary reasons for someone to fall back in their studies.
The major cause of suicides are attributed to academic failures and backlogs. People in IIT's get so bogged down in themselves that they hardly interact with their peers. Everyone has problems in one form or other but what makes the difference is how willing you are to discuss it with your friends or family. Talking and discussing is all it takes to find a solution to the problem no matter how big.
Add to it the age old academic curricula and policies and we have a recipe for disaster.

P.S. I may not be completely right but this is what I feel.

Neeraj Venkata • Request Bio

Often the amount of hardwork they put in to get into there , is not continued by many and hence forth the pressure adds up and expectations. 

And finally they get courage to do sth special like suicide.
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Shivam Mishra, IIT G, batch of 2012

Major reason is depression. The reason behind this depression is profound.
  • Academic failure
  • No sense of motivation
  • Romantic issues
  • Stress
  • Comparison/Expectation from society
  • DisCo on minor issues
These are few primary reasons. Each suicide in itself is a lot different. But most of them start here.
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Quora User, Electronics undergrad,NIT PY

Its due to immature mind they have attended coaching for many years without living in a family and they don't know the love present in their hearts of their parents so they just fail in other things in IIT and they get depressed and restrictions to share ideas and freedom is minimum so they pass away !
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Rahul Singh, Indian - By Birth, By Choice

Multiple reasons... Pressure... My friend studies at IIT Rourkee ... He says that the real thing starts after you get into IIT. Its very hectic.
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