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Monday, October 26, 2015

Why is the number of suicide cases in IIT Kanpur the highest among all IIT's or colleges? - Quora

Kindly give special reference to Why only IIT Kanpur ?

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I am a third year UG to just give you a brief back ground about the place I view things from. ( No intention of making this answer personal). I have this habit of producing things in a little amusing manner, though I do not intend make fun of the seriousness of this situation which needs proper redress.I would like to point out a few factors here:

1. You are not the only Tony Stark with the ability to master a subject in the time constrain. Others here as well are equipped with brains sufficient enough to outrun you in sprints as well as marathons. You cant put up this solo act of astonishing everyone with your efforts, everyone here has the potential to do the same.

2. The concept of relative grading which draws lines of comparisons demotivate and frustrate you. Other judge you on your CGPA to the extent that you even start make it the scale of you potential:  which is not. Cracking written semester is an art, which either needs natural talent or mastered by brute practice which is often not present in laid back conceptually rich students.

3. Lack of Emotional Support in surrounding and life in general. A middle class family student is seen as the "aankon ka tara jo khandan ka naam raushan karega" but hardly they are able to understand that their ward is just like any other star in the sky.

4. Placement- Peer Pressure syndrome : Whatever the reason maybe low CGPA, "garib " department, unable to fill your resume with enough appealing things if you don't end up with n intern or placement with the package above the average you happiness quotient takes a dip. Its not that you cant stand your friends and acquaintances being happy, its like the sun shines for them but its burns you.

5. New of 1.3 Cr placement when people call you from home with dreams of future son/daughter "crorepati". Really we still have companies hiring interns for as low as Rs. 2500/- per month. It just hurts to slam on parental dreams when you are the one fueling it since your very bright childhood.

6.Poor Social life outside campus. We thrive and perish in a unforgiving community of most among intellectual people in the nation, but this process comes with a cost. Your life is not like Student of the Year (although you have toiled and tried to have a little comfort after JEE), if you ever feel like dumb there is no companion, you end up in your own cocoon like an alien immune to intelligence while every one is way to smart.

7.There is not 7 between 6 and 8. That just breaks you when you busted you ass to work your way above the average still end up getting what you could have got without even trying an easy 6.

8. Time passes by and the last best thing that has happened to you is that you got selected in JEE. That was the last time you felt that pang of happiness. After that things took the wrong turn right?

I will try adding on a few more reasons with time, edits are invited.


Poor CPI, family expectation and placements are the factor .Even CPI system is the major problem and sometime people unable to score well due to subjective paper I though they have enough knowledge about subject and like a middle class family son what students need from IITK is a job after graduation as soon as possible but main problem in that job is CPI. And sometime family problem that affects the  concentrate on the studies .semester to semester getting bad grades create peer pressure on student and as time passes student realize that  he/she will be unable to get their goal in their future even worst thing in IITK is people are more fearful about their placement and placement office even doesn't provide the data sheets of the placement of student to understand the actual situation of placement. Why don't IITK look for every student get a job just after placements .All the students are not from richy rich family and don't hav a business to do a family business after graduation. People doesn't get internships and jobs, and the people who needs grade most doesn't get grade eve they work hard to improve but they fail each and everytime.


The number of deaths occurring in IITK is higher than those occurring in any other IIT. Let us divide students in two categories - Hindi speaking and non-Hindi speaking( generally south Indians). The person who speaks hindi can generally communicate with other people( 90% of the people in any IIT understand hindi) but those who dont know hindi fac difficulties to communicate with others generally in IIT's situated in the northern part of the country. So the probability of a south Indian committing suicide is  very high.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I am clarifying in the beginning that this answer is not applicable for all south Indians
As we can see that most ( high percentage) of them( people who commit suicide) are south Indians. As far as I know  there are many coaching institutes in AP which focus entirely on cramming. Students just cram the answers for different cases and somehow clear JEE and get into IIT. When it comes to choice filling they prefer Madras and Bombay and very small fraction of them come to Kanpur. Many south Indian students who come to IITK know only one language ( Tamil , Telugu etc) and they are not able to communicate with their wingies . So they feel isolated. Somebody has told me if any south Indian tries to learn hindi then other south Indians discourage him. They form small groups(obviously with other south Indians, and according to my observation the more intelligent south Indians do not form groups) in their halls and just roam with those people only. Now when the academic load increases they feel so much pressure. As I have mentioned above that they just cram things , so their basic concepts are not clear. As a result they perform bad in exams.

Now, their academic condition is f*****.  If you feel bad you would like to share your feelings with someone who can understand you and is performing well in studies. But there is no one because they have not interacted with their wingies initially. So they just commit suicide because of the pressure created.

p.s. I don't know about their fraction in IITD . So if somebody could give me that data then we can say something about IITD also.