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Thursday, June 16, 2011

114 - 15th May 2011 IT student commits suicide on campus - TOI

CHENNAI: A final year IIT-M student committed suicide in his hostel on Wednesday at 2.45pm. Nitin Kumar Reddy, a mechanical engineering student, ended his life minutes after he was told that he would not be able to pass out along with his batchmates this May. Three months ago, another student of the same department killed himself for the same reason.

According to his batchmates, Nitin, 22, was upset after the head of the department Venkateshan SP told him that his course has been extended by six months when he went to submit the abstract for his project. Nitin emailed his father Lakshmana Murthy Reddy, a DRDO official working in Delhi, saying that he was going to end his life as he was scared that the course extension might ruin the job he was offered by a software company. He also called his friend in Bangalore to inform her about his decision. By the time his parents and friend could alert his batchmates, Nitin had hung himself from the ceiling fan inside his hostel room no 463 with the bedspread. IIT-M officials refused to speak. Adyar Deputy Commissioner V Sithanan said they were waiting for his parents to come. A case of suicide has been registered.

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Quarks@IITM (UK)
07 Jun, 2011 08:50 PM
I am an IIT-M graduate. Do not blame the profs for this fiasco. There are rules to be followed in every walk of life. Schools and Uni are solely the stepping stones to making us successful further in life, and many a time people dont even need this to be successful. Many a time we meet with failure, and that should only build our resolve to succeed in the future. In a country of  1.1 billion people, if you don't take your chance when you get it, you miss the opportunity. IITians are well aware of this fact, as also the fact that they have to compete with fellow IITians across the country and students across the world when it comes to getting into a top US Uni for their Masters. If a deadline to complete a thesis successfully is given, it must to be adhered to and there can be no negotiation on that. The business world is a tough place to exist and the IITs provide a more wholesome development than any other Indian Uni. It is a shame that the misinformed Indian public is trying to pinpoint the blame of the IIT M profs and absolving a student who probably in wind down mode ever since he got an offer from the placement cell a couple of months prior to course completion. Students such as these are seen all too frequently, threatening to throw themselves from the water tank unless they are given a passing grade; and the University cannot be held to ransom by such tomfoolery.
Sad IITM student (IITM)
15 May, 2011 10:10 PM
Guide's at IIT's think that they have hired student. Student might work the way they want. Their ideas are killed, and one best quotation in IIT is ....... It my bloody money what I am spending. Please inform them, its not money which belong to them, its tax paid by our parents and people of india to generate great leader. But unfortunately in IIT's they generate them in coffins. When student and guide will come together to do research, they want to publish paper in order to get grant. No institute in India is doing real research. Just they are trying to manipulate things in different ways. Whole system is opposite where research will be conducted. I have friend in IITM- They say we dont want to be Almunai of this graveyard. Please try to change the attitude of prof's and gave them class of research life. I just want you people to comment something related to Prof's attitute....... The grilling they do to us everyday and scolding's as if we r beggers. People we r IITian's. Confirm from any US institute, they have respect for us but these killer's dont. We r the one who changed the face of world, but unfortunate we couldn't change the mentality of Indian Prof. Shame of them who say its satistically insignificant. Life of student is not bar graph or standard deviation. U r killing heros of India. Hope my words will reach to IIT management. May god save us all.
raunak (iit-g)
09 May, 2011 08:06 PM
IIT life is the coolest life I have ever seen or known. It is what defines us, makes us the best of the best. It is who we are. Without pressure IIT is nothing
raju (dammam)
08 May, 2011 05:26 PM
Getting education is just the beginning of life. One should be big enough to chanllenge the "challenge in life". That should be the attitude, not suicide. Parents should encourage their wards and support to relieve their mental tension. Professors should review their conduct in similar situation and arrange for counciling to students before announcing the information.
Bunty (Orissa)
08 May, 2011 12:50 AM
Teacher's in higher education have created such a situation that it is not at all acceptable in a civilized society. Instead of focussing on good education and innovations, their behaviour is more centered towards their ego This is best illustrated in the film "3 Idiots" which demontrates the factual scene from a college campus. The education system is also to be blamed which fails to understand that an IITian is a premier institution where the very best are studying. Having said that, why are the professors mute and they should be held responsible for the mess around.
C Suresh (Charlotte, USA) replies to Bunty
08 May, 2011 11:43 PM
3 Idiots is a a big copy from the english movie Patch Adams acted by Robbie Williams. We made 2 movies one as Munna Bhai MBBS and another as 3 idiots. Sad to hear the news... Scientists think that Suicide mentality creates within oneself through genes or something.. Friends and family should keep a watch of their dear ones and help them.